Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gettin' Up There

Have you seen Jamie Lee Curtis lately? She was on a commercial for some yogurt/diet thing and she is old. I mean, not old per se, but more than middle-aged. Her hair is gray and her face is kind of wrinkly.

Also Patrick Swayze. He has a new show and is not looking good, though I guess he's also suffering from pancreatic cancer. But these are people that I knew, as it were, for most of my life. And now they are getting older.

Trading Places
, in which Curtis plays a prostitute who helps Dan Aykroyd regain his wealth and stature, was a sort of holiday tradition in my house growing up. The movie came out before I was born, sure, but it’s set during the Christmas season and so it would (and still does) play every year on TV around that time. It’s as traditional as It’s a Wonderful Life for me. But now she’s getting old.

I know celebrities get old, of course, but the ones I grew up with (-ish) are just now starting to. Sure, Kurt Cobain is dead, and so is Biggie and Pac and Pimp C and Jay D, but they all died young and it was always kind of a surprise. Anyway, they lived large and, let’s be honest, no one expected those lifestyles to work out most of the time. There can only be so many Keith Richards. And I know Joey Ramone’s dead, and so is John Belushi and Joe Strummer and George Harrison, but those people were all before me. They were my holdovers from my parents’ generation, not from my own. Maybe Jamie Lee Curtis is, too, but it’s still weird to watch descend into senior-citizenery. What about when Macaulay Culkin goes? Won’t that be a trip?

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